Biocidin Capsules – Immune Support Supplement to Disrupt Biofilms, Support Microbial Balance & Gut Health – 18 Herbal Supplements & Essential Oil Formula with Oregano & White Willow (90 Capsules)


Brand Bio-Botanical Research
Flavor Unflavoured
Primary Supplement Type Biocidin Capsules
Unit Count 90 Count
Item Form Capsule
Item Weight 1.8 Ounces
Diet Type Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Vegan
Product Benefits Detoxing
Age Range (Description) Ault
Package Information Bottle


About this item

  • Dismantles Biofilms, Supports Gut Health & Microbial Balance – When dealing with gastrointestinal health and systemic imbalances, Biocidin cuts through the complexity. It clears away irritants, unwanted microbes, and biofilm, while selectively enhancing beneficial organisms.*
  • 18 Botanical Extract and Essential Oil Blend – A potent, broad-acting formula that targets the entire GI tract and helps maintain the delicate balance of microorganisms in the microbiome. Includes white willow bark, black walnut, garlic, gentian, oregano oil & more.*
  • Vitality & Immune Support – Biocidin can offer support immunomodulatory activity and act as an immune support supplement. It may also improve regularity and reduce bloating and gas. Supports healthy mobility and body comfort, mental clarity, digestive health and GI detox.*
  • Convenient Capsules – Take one capsule per day and gradually increase to one capsule two times per day or as directed by your healthcare professional. Biocidin signature blend for gut support, digestive support and gut detox is also available in liquid drops or a liposomal format.*
  • Clinically Researched & Lab Tested – Biocidin has been the go-to broad-acting formula for integrative and functional medicine practitioners for over 30 years. Combine with other Biocidin products: GI Detox cleanse, Proflora 4R probiotics to support a healthy gut, or Olivirex immune health supplements.*
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