Genepro Protein Powder Unflavored – Protein Collagen Powder for Hair, Skin & Nails – Gluten Free Protein Powder Zero Sugar – Lactose Free & Non-GMO Keto Collagen Powder for Joint Health (30 Servings)


Brand Genepro Gen. 3 The Protein Solution
Flavor Unflavored
Servings per Container 30
Item Weight 325 Grams
Material Type Free Non-GMO, Lactose Free, Sugar Free

About this item

  • The Next Generation Of Collagen – Our Type I & Type III unflavored protein powder is created with smaller fragments that are easier to absorb, helping you achieve your fitness goals faster. Unlike other multi collagen protein powder, Genepro helps your body absorb 300% more nutrients and 11g of pure collagen protein. Backed by 10 human clinical trials, our bioavailable protein is equivalent to what humans actually process from standard 30g formulas, so you get the most out of your protein with G
  • Beyond Hair, Skin & Nails – Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and as we age, our bodies begin to naturally produce less. Genepro collagen protein powder formula is your ultimate anti-aging strategy to improve hair and nails, skin complexion and elasticity, relieve joint pain, prevent bone loss, promote lean muscle and heart health, and potentially improve mood.
  • Get What You Need, Free of What You Don’t – Genepro 30g protein powder unflavored is low calorie containing zero sugars, is non-GMO, and lactose free. With no fillers or flavoring additives, our keto-friendly recovery shake is your everyday vital supplement.
  • 3x More Efficient, Flavorless & High Absorption Protein – Genepro’s collagen protein powder is 3x more efficient than other collagen protein powder supplement shakes. With each 11g of protein serving, your body receives the equivalent of 30g of protein of the nutrients from our unflavored protein powder, with collagen evenly mixed throughout.
  • How To Use Everywhere – This flavorless protein powder can be added to any meal or drink you like! Please Note: Adding Genepro alone to very hot or very cold items will shock the formula and potentially cause clumping. We recommend adding it when warm or with a temperate liquid and whisking to avoid clumping. When baking, 1 scoop of Genepro will replace 11g of flour, and in some cases, may require an addition of 11g of liquid for balance.
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