Triple Magnesium Complex 400 mg – 90 Vegan Capsules – Magnesium Chelate, Citrate, and Malate – Clinical Magnesium Supplement for Optimal Muscle, Nerve, and Bone Health


Brand Anabolic Laboratories
Item Form Capsule
Primary Supplement Type Magnesium
Unit Count 90 Count
Flavor unflavored

About this item

  • Magnesium aids with flexibility, and helps to prevent injuries by loosening tight muscles and reducing bone stiffness. It is also essential for nerve transmission, energy production and can help with sleep.
  • Anabolic Labaratories tri magnesium supplement is made with three sources of magnesium for maximum potency: citrate, malate, and chelate.
  • Magnesium citrate is the most common form of magnesium thanks to its easy absorption into the body. It also helps soften stool and has a natural laxative effect to help with constipation.
  • Magnesium malate is contains vital malic acid found in many fruits and vegetables. It is gentle on the system, and can help boost energy levels and help relieve pain.
  • Chelated magnesium helps boost absorption of this supplement, as well as your body’s absorption of all minerals and vitamins.
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